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Active911 Information & Instructions

The Metro CISM Team is implementing Active911 as our primary alerting system. Some of you are familiar with this system as your agency uses it with your CAD system. This system will cost the Team approximately $12.00 per device/per year. The Team will pay for ONE device for each member. If you want additional devices registered you will need to pay the annual fee. Active911 will set up an account for you and you will pay them directly.

The Active911 system will provide very fast alerting of calls for service (approximately 10 seconds) and Team members will not need to call-in to a Coordinator his/her availability. From your Smartphone you can push one button that says you are available or unavailable. That information will be immediately transmitted to the Coordinator.

Please read the instructions carefully. There are two (2) ways to register your device: one if your agency already uses Active911, and the second is if your agency does not currently use Active911 and you are new to Active911. Further information is available at

If you are new to Active911:

There are two types of alerts that can be sent, the first and most favorable is through a phone (Android or Apple IOS) application, the other way alerts can be sent is via text message; however this method does not allow of the response to paging indicating a person’s availability.

Search the app store for “Active911”, it is a free application. The application will download and install, once it is installed it will ask for an activation code, which will be provided to you.

The following information must be supplied to CISM to activate an individual phone. Send this information to:

Phone Number
Phone Type: Apple IOS / Android / Other

If you would like to add more than one device, provide this data for all devices, and indicate which one you would like as primary. The other devices will require you to login to Active911 and pay for this device, additional information will be provided to those who wish to have more than one device.

If you are already using Active911 through your agency:

First you will need to contact your agency’s Active911 administrator and obtain your device code. This code was used to originally activate your Active911 service. The code is a 5-6 numbers followed by 4-6 letters. (i.e.: 121212-ABCD). This code will then be entered into the CISM Active911 and you will begin to receive alerts immediately.

Login Information

To log into your Active911 account go to and click on "member access" at

the top of your screen. You will be prompted for your username and password.

If you use Active911 on your phone, you can usually create a login account (to manage your settings, etc) by following these steps:

1. Go to
2. Click on "Member Access"
3. The top box is labeled "Email or phone number". Enter your phone number.

4. Press the Go button and follow the instructions


If you have trouble with any part of the registration or login procedure, you can send your question(s) via email to: Please, no phone calls. Also go to the Active911 web site, there are detailed instructions available. 

Download the PDF Instructions here

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